Making the Best Investment in Our Children's Future
Children are not reaching their potential because we underinvest when they develop most rapidly.
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We underinvest in children when they develop most rapidly

85% of the brain develops before the age of 5 yet 98% of education spending takes place after age 5

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Children are not adequately prepared for school and life

65% of U.S. children do not read at grade level by 3rd grade - the single greatest predictor of a child’s academic success

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Parents can play a critical 
role in helping children reach their academic potential

Only 54% of parents of children 5 and below read to them consistently each week

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Investing in early childhood yields the best educational results

$1 invested in Pre-K education yields a $7 return

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High growth economies understand the return on

The U.S. spends $3,900 per child on early education vs. $10,000 in China

We Believe

  • The single greatest investment in a child’s future is EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION.
  • The best educational start possible prepares a child for both SCHOOL AND LIFE.
  • Each child learns in a way that is UNIQUE AND SPECIAL to them.
  • The most important skill we can teach a child is HOW TO LEARN.
  • Learning takes place well BEYOND THE CLASSROOM.
  • Parents deserve support as a child’s FIRST TEACHER.